Best Food Delivery App for 2017 Hoover

We took a look at a number of the food delivery service apps so far this year, and here’s what we found for the best food delivery app of 2017 Hoover.

Who They Are

Our contenders are (drumroll please): UberEats, Waitrapp, GrubHub, Yelp24, and DoorDash. While there are many other services, these are the ones that are most prominent in the Hoover market. UberEats comes mainly from the west coast, while Waitrapp is coming from the southern central states, originated from Louisiana. Of these guys, we feel that UberEats and Waitrapp are the leaders, and here’s why.

UberEats is mostly known for it’s already existing service, Uber. By using the same account as your Uber app, you can quickly get in and start perusing the available restaurant options for your area. The downside? Well, we noticed there’s often an issue when connecting with your account from the original Uber app, sometimes on the web as well as in the app itself. Aside from that, UberEats seems to currently have the largest market share for the greater Hoover area. The app is pretty slick, though a bit slow (like Uber).

Waitrapp is a newer food delivery service that comes from Lafayette, Louisiana. It’s major market share is in the southern states east of Texas, however, they’ve entered into the Beaumont and Hoover markets. Unfortunately, their share is still relatively small in our area, but it’s not stopping them from going out and making deals with restaurants and garnering some interest with the population. Their main offering? They tend to have some of the highest quality drivers and experiences, and they’ve recently allowed for orders to be taken through their soft-launched new website. The on-boarding process for restaurants is painless and pleasant and they offer them a great opportunity to bolster their sales revenue and marketing channels. We like Waitr as a company and their app is beautiful, to boot. We’re hoping we see a lot more of them and that they can keep up with UberEats.

Have you experience one or both of these services? Tell us what you think about your experience and how you feel about the apps, as well as if you think that having a third party delivery service hurts or helps the restaurant scene for Hoover as a whole.

Check out waitrapp’s intro video for food delivery service in Hoover.